2022-23 Financial Aid Application

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Billing Information

Financial Information

1. The student’s records in the Academy will be used to help determine initial and recurring eligibility.
2. Applicant agrees to notify BBCA of any change in income while receiving assistance.
3. All applicants will be given careful consideration, however, because funds are very limited, acceptance will be determined by need and availability of funds.
4. All information given on this application is provided voluntarily by the applicant and will be held in strictest confidentiality at Bible Baptist Church.
5. Members of Bible Baptist Church must be faithful, tithing members to be eligible for grant (funds given directly from BBC towards tuition) assistance.
6. If you fully understand and agree with the application, please sign below.
7. Approved applicants will receive a new Financial Management Worksheet from the school.


Please fill out this form and click submit.